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02/10/2020 11:14 11:14 Il y a : 1 année(s)
Catégorie(s) : Actualités, Autres éditeurs
Auteur : Sophie Deroubaix

Conflict Management in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, 1000-1800

Dir. Louis Sicking, Alain Wijffels 2020 Brill ISBN : 978-9-00-438063-9 Prix : 129,00€ TTC

Dir. Louis Sicking, Alain Wijffels
ISBN : 978-9-00-438063-9
Prix : 129,00€ TTC

Pre-modern long-distance trade was fraught with risks which often created conflicts of interest. The ensuing disputes and the ways the actors involved dealt with them belong to the field of conflict management. How did victims of maritime conflicts claim compensation? How did individual actors and public institutions negotiate disputes which transcended jurisdictional boundaries? What strategies, arrangements and agreements could contribute to achieve the resolution of such conflicts, and to what effect? These and other questions have mainly been studied separately for the Mediterranean and Atlantic regions. Here, the two seascapes are connected, allowing for a comparative long-term perspective. The different contributions enhance our understanding in the complexity of various approaches to conflict management.

Contributors are Thierry Allain, Cátia Antunes, Eduardo Aznar Vallejo, Catarina Cotic Belloube, Kate Ekama, Tiago Viúla de Faria, Ana Belem Fernández Castro, Jessica Goldberg, Roberto J. González Zalacain, Ian Peter Grohse, Thomas K. Heebøll-Holm, Laurence Jean-Marie, Daphne Penna, Pierrick Pourchasse, Pierre Prétou, Ana María Rivera Medina, Carlo Taviani, and Dominique Valérian.