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European Supreme Courts - A portrait through History

A. Wijffels, C. H. van Rhee London, 2013 ISBN : 9781906507404 Prix : 49,95£

A. Wijffels and C. H. van Rhee
London, 2013
Third Millennium Information Group
ISBN : 9781906507404
Prix : 49,95£

European Supreme Courts: A Portrait through History is a beautifully illustrated new hardback book, which marks the culmination of more than three years' work, featuring contributions by a team of leading legal historians drawn from across the whole of Europe. The book explores in a lively and accessible style the largely forgotten history of European supreme courts structures, which preceded and to some extent influenced the international supreme and supranational courts we know today. It sets the contemporary role of the European supreme courts within the context of a rich legacy of legal traditions, culture and history across Europe.

The authoritative text is accompanied by images from archives and collections across Europe, as well as present-day images of European and national courts and institutions. It is designed to by read by legal professionals, officials, academics and law students alike, as well as the general reader with an interest in the history of the European judicature, and should gain a natural place on any legal education booklist.